Food, Soil, Microbes

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An introduction to the environmental toxins lurking in our food and the environment it is produced in, and how the advancements in food engineering impact the human body. We will take a look at the beneficial microbes in the soil and our digestive system and how important they are in our overall health. An understanding of these topics and how they can have an impact on our well being is the goal of this course.

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Food, Soil, Microbes Module

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About Dr Jessica Peatross

Functional Medical Doctor, stealth infection expert and Gerson therapy practitioner, Dr. Jessica Peatross is a well respected and highly sought after medical professional that functions holistically rather than chemically. After 6 years in the hospital, it became evident that the 'pill for every ill' approach was not improving the health or lives of my patients. After leaving Western medicine I began to educate myself on the aspects of health that I was not taught in medical school and I continue to learn more every day. My goal is for you to have access to this information so that you can "Be Your Own Best Doctor!"