When Your Environment Becomes You: How environmental toxicity leads to hidden infections

How environmental toxicity leads to hidden infections

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An 8 week educational program by Dr. Jessica Peatross on the impacts of environmental toxicity on our health. The program will feature 60 minutes of education followed by 30 minutes of Q&A on the topic.

Learning Objectives

Empower individuals to better understand the functions of the human body and how health is impacted by environmental toxicity and resulting potential hidden infections. By understanding how our bodies protect us and what toxins are in the environment, we can have a better dialogue with educated practitioners about health issues.

Course Procedure

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Course Content

Water, Air, Homes
Food, Soil, Microbes
Detox Pathways
Hidden Infections: Bacteria, Candida, Mold
Hidden Infections: Viruses
Kill, Bind, Sweat
Ozone, Enemas, Fasting
Cannabis as a Pain Antagonist

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About Dr Jessica Peatross

Functional Medical Doctor, stealth infection expert and Gerson therapy practitioner, Dr. Jessica Peatross is a well respected and highly sought after medical professional that functions holistically rather than chemically. After 6 years in the hospital, it became evident that the 'pill for every ill' approach was not improving the health or lives of my patients. After leaving Western medicine I began to educate myself on the aspects of health that I was not taught in medical school and I continue to learn more every day. My goal is for you to have access to this information so that you can "Be Your Own Best Doctor!"